Yoni Pop Kits

Yoni Pop Kits

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Yoni pops are handcrafted herbal suppositories, made from all organic, herbal ingredients.
Rid: indicated for women with BV/yeast infection and/ph balance disturbances. 1 Rid Yoni pop should be inserted at night for 7 days.

Pick Me Up: to be use whenever you want to feel refreshed, after moon cycle or before/after sacred energy exchange.
Do not exceed 1 Pick Me Up Pop daily.


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Product Description

Experiencing vaginal itching, burning and unpleasant smell?

Do you want a little PICK ME UP after your moon cycle or before engaging in sacred energy exchange with your partner?

Look no more. This handcrafted herbal suppository potion is your answer from the ancestors.
This Kit will allow customers to “make” their own Yoni Pops.

With all natural products! NO paraben, paraffin, dye or chemicals. YOU will be feeling like the goddess you are in no time.

Included in Kit: Yoni Pop Potion 30 ML (RID or “Pick me up”)
1 2ML pipette,
1 suppository plunger
12 suppository molds

The RID: Yoni Pops are indicated for BV/Yeast infections.
“Pick Me Up” Yoni pops are for use when you feel the need to freshen up. Before and or after sacred energy exchange or after your monthly moon cycle.

1. Melt Yoni Pop potion by introducing vile to warm/hot water, by holding vile under hot running water. (Please take caution as to not burn yourself). Make sure no water gets into potion. LEAVE THE CAP ON!
*CAUTION: glass can break, so introduce vile to water cautiously. Itz Jus Natural LLC is NOT responsible for user error.*
2. Place empty suppository molds upright in a container that will keep them in an upright potion so as to not spill potion once filed
3. Once potion is melted, and suppository molds are secured in upright position, Use the 2ML pipette to fill suppository molds.
4. Store in refrigerator to harden
*take 20 minutes for pops to harden*
5. Pop out Yoni Pops from molds by peeling/separating edges toward apex side of mold and store in baggy provided.
6. Keep provided baggy filled with Yoni pops in fridge or freezer.
7. Use as indicated.
*use the included yoni pop plunger to insert Yoni pops as indicated!*

This should yield a minimum of 12 pops. Could yield more.

If you decide to make one pop at a time, vile with remaining potion may be sorted at room temperature for up to 2 months. Storing vile in refrigerator increases self life from 2 months to 12 months. It is suggested that you make one pop at a time if you plan on traveling as already molded pops do not travel well. They will melt. The Kit allows for travel ability.

Use for RID:  Wash and rinse hands THOROUGHLY. Insert one Yoni pop at night, for 7 days. Wear a panty liner DO NOT discontinue use because you notice symptoms have improved drastically. Store remaining Pops, and use as needed. NOT FOR USE IF PREGNANT

PICK ME UP: Wash hand thoroughly, insert one yoni pop any time. SAFE FOR EVERYDAY USE.  Once pop is inserted and melts, rub oils into skin surrounding labia and in thigh creases.

Wear a pantyliner if inserting pop and going out  

Yoni Pops are all natural and are impacted by drastic temperature change. Yoni Pops should be stored in refrigerator. Yoni pops WILL melt if kept above 65 degrees.

Best results when used in conjunction with Liquid Vacial  (Yoni Rinse) and Yoni Steams.

*This statement has not been evaluated by FDA. Product is not intended to prevent or cure any disease or ailment*

ALLERGY WARNING: This product contains organic coconut oil.


3 reviews for Yoni Pop Kits

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I love the pick me up product it’s refreshing after using. I have the Rid as well but haven’t used it yet but will be soon. Us women need to get our Yoni’s cleaned and refreshed the proper way. You did a Great job with Thank You

    • Thank you for your review! Let me know how it goes with the Rid pops

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Well let’s just say the Pick Me Up had me singing the song, Pop that Pussy 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Its The BOMB! My Yoni feels rejuvenated and as if she said, “I’m Woke, Woke!! 😜😜 Great Job/Work! Keep it up and Thank You!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This is my favorite product of them all even tho they are all great..
    When they say a pick me up it is a pick me up especially after my cycle it works wonders.

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