New Coochie, Who ‘dis BUNDLE


New Coochie, Who ‘dis BUNDLE


2 different bundles to keep your sacred space just right.

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Product Description

Take advantage of our products that were created to keep your Yoni in tip-top shape.

our “New Coochie, Who ‘dis” Bundle includes:        2 options:

pHreshen up:

1 Pick Me Up Yoni Pop Kit (Yields 12 pops)
1 8oz Lemongrass CLITsterine Refill bottel  
1 8oz bottle of Liquid Vacial: Yoni Rinse

1 50ml empty foam pump bottle

This bundle is to increase every day freshness

1 Rid Yoni Pop Kit (Yields 12 pops) 1 6oz
1 8oz  Lavender CLITsterine bottle

 1 8oz bottle of Liquid Vacial: Yoni Rinse

1 50 ml empty pump bottle 

This bundle is for those experiencing BV/yeast infection or vaginal irritation

This bundle offers a savings, as purchasing these products individually, are more costly.

*for individual product info, please read the product description of each individual product.*

*statements have not been evaluated by FDA.*

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PHreshen Up, RepHresh


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