Sacred Space Yoni Steam Party

Sacred Space Yoni Steam Party


Take care of your Yoni while having “Girl Talk!”
Sacred Space can service up to 4 goddesses at once in the comforts of the Hosts home or venue of choice.

Hosts and guest to receive gifts to support continue womb/vaginal health. Tips on maintaining a healthy vagina and much more!!!

Your Yoni Steam administrator will be with your for approximately 2 hrs. Will bring an assistant at discretion.

This includes set up and administering steam.

Steam administration is approximately 30 minutes.

15 if you have an IUD.

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Product Description

IMPORTANT: When Purchasing, select “LOCAL PICK UP” in order to bypass shipping fees.

Itz Jus Natural presents;  Sacred Space Yoni Steam Party

Sacred Space Yoni Steam Parties allow for women to reap the benefits of a yoni steam, while chatting with their friends. Parties must be held at a goddess home or a safe location secured by hostess. We are able to accommodate  up to 4 goddesses per party ONLY, including Hostess.  Party can be comprised of less than 4 goddesses, for listed price.

Parties include: Description of Yoni Steam. Description of herbs and their properties. Yoni Steam for 4 goddesses, Tea to sip, electrified water with fruit/herbs and a stone of Itz Jus Natural’s  choice and herbs for an herbal bath. Hostess to will be given a Yoni egg and Yoni pop kit of Hostesses choice, in addition to the aforementioned.

Guests to receive a crystal of Sacred Space’s choice and a Yoni Pop Kit of each guests choice.

Be relaxed and radiate love and positive energy!

Payment is required in full prior to date of  Sacred Space Yoni Steam.  Once payment is received, send an email to including: proof of payment and occasion. If there is a special guest: birthday girl etc.

Yoni Steams:
Sacred soace Choice.

** you will experience better results is Yoni steams are administered at least twice a month. Mobile service also available on individual basis in select service areas
Please track your cycle. Yoni steams can not be administered if you are menstruating. Once Yoni steam is paid for, if your cycle starts before or on (including agreed upon date of service)  there will be no refund issued. Administration date can be rescheduled for a rebooking fee of $20 per person to be paid via cashapp $YoshPotion before rescheduling a date. Rebooking good for up to 3 months.

What is a Yoni Steam:

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice, by which boiling specific herbs, and allowing the steam (infused with the herbs) to rise to, and saturate the vagina.  Steaming allows the woman to benefit from the herbs, through the exterior of the vagina, your pores and vaginal opening.

Yoni steams have been in practice since ancient times. Yoni steams have numerous benefits;

The above statement have not been evaluated by the FDA. The above product/service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or conditions

Can NOT be pregnant, have herpes, open sores in perineal area. No vaginal piercings or actively menstruating


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