CLITsterine Refill

CLITsterine Refill


Saved your CLITsterine bottle? Good? Saving money should always be the goal, but not at the expense of quality. Order a CLITsterine Refill.

Refills come in 8 and 4oz.

Simply transfer the contents of the refill, to your previously purchased CLITsterine bottle, and let the pumping begin.

Must put in foam pump bottle to
Maxine the benefits of CLITsterine

CLITsterine is an all natural, plant-based Vaginal wash.

Ingredients: Spring water, Castile Soap, Calendula, Rose, Essential Oils, prunus amygdalus adn coco nucifera oil

ALLERGY ALLERT: May contain trace amounts of coconut and Almond oil.

Product perfectly safe for girls and women. Safe for use during pregnancy.

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Clear “, ” Tangerine “, ” Lavender “, ” Lemongrass


4oz “, “ 8oz


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